Certification Renewal Activities

Professional renewal activities that may be used for 1) recording points on the Documentation of Professional Renewal Activities Points Form,  OR 2) submitting an Administrative Verification of Professional Renewal Activities Form toward the renewal of MTNA Professional Certification are:

STANDARD IV: Professionalism and Partnerships

(a minimum of one [1] professional activities/points required.)

Category A: Contributing to the Profession

  • Volunteer work as national, state, or local monitors, administrators, and scorers, 1/2 point per renewal period for a minimum of 8 hours work
  • Adjudication of national, division, state or local festivals/competitions (including but not limited to MTNA events):  1 point/day of judging (maximum of 3 points per year)
  • Presentation for local/state/national event of music/education workshop, lecture, lecture/recital: 1 pt./event
  • Serve as committee chair for task force of local/state/national music advocacy event: 1 pt./event
  • Serve in an elected or appointed position in a professional music association such as MTNA, MENC, NFMC, ASTA at the national, state or local levels: 1 pt./year of term
  • Publication of music, music article, music text, music software or other audio/visual material in state/national music journal: 1 pt./each different publication
  • Receiving a promotion, tenure or teacher recognition award from an academic institution or professional music organization: 1 pt./award
  • Sixty total minutes of solo performance, from no more than five different performances: 1 pt.
  • Mentoring new MTNA Professional Certification candidate: 1 pt./successful candidate
  • Mentor for MTNA new member mentoring program: 1 pt./new member

Category B: Building Partnerships

  • Collaborative partnership with school-based ensembles at local/state/national contests: 1 pt./year
  • Collaborative partnership on solo recital (minimum 45–60 min. with not more than 6 performers): 1 pt./different performance
  • Collaborative performance with other art disciplines (ballet classes, pit orchestra): 1 pt./event
  • Observation and evaluation of teacher colleagues: 1 pt./every four evaluations
  • Participation in five different ensemble recital performances (duo, duet, chamber, orchestra that total 60 minutes): 1 pt./five different performances
  • Organize community activity to provide financial support for music programs: 1 pt./activity

STANDARD V: Professional and Personal Renewal

(a minimum of one [1] professional activities/points required.)

Category C: Evaluating Musical Growth

  • Five different students’ evaluations in adjudicated performance/composition festivals or competitions: 1 pt./each five different students per year
  • Student/studio participation in MTNA Studio Festival Program: 1 pt./per each five different students per year
  • Student/studio participation in MTNA Music Achievement Award Program: 1 pt./each five different students per year
  • Student solo or ensemble recital of significance, such as senior recital (not annual studio recital): 1 pt./each different recital
  • Students named as winner, runner-up, alternate or honorable mention in performance or composition competitions at the state or national level: 1 pt./per each different student in competitions
  • Five different students participating in non-adjudicated festivals, jams, musical marathons, master classes, monster concerts, composer festivals and so forth: 1 pt./five different students in different non-adjudicated events per year

Category D: Continuing Education

  • Music/education/technology/industry/business management workshop, seminar or webinar: up to 4 hours or 1/2 day, 1/2 pt./workshop; 4–7 hours or a full day, 1 pt./workshop
  • Read and summarize/discuss four professional books/journal articles: 1 pt./every four different
  • Attendance at state/national/pedagogical conference or masterclass: 1 pt./day of conference
  • Attendance at local pedagogical programs: 1 pt./every four different programs/year
  • University/college credit course in music or related field or CEU: 1 pt./credit hour or per one CEU
  • Private (applied) music study: 1 pt./credit hour or eight one-hour lessons
  • Complete the three MTNA Assessment Tools for the Independent Music Teacher: Self-Assessment, Peer Assessment and Client Assessment: 1 pt./per year