Teacher Profile Projects

The Teacher Profile Process is a two-step process.

Step I:

The candidate completes a Certification Application (online or PDF) and submits the application and fees to MTNA headquarters.

Step II:

The candidate completes the five Teacher Profile Projects.

  • Candidates will have one year from the time the application and fees are received to complete the Teacher Profile Projects.
  • All Projects and Videos must be uploaded online. A link will be provided to each candidate following receipt of their application and fee.
  • Applicants will receive written notification from MTNA when the certification process is successfully completed. A certificate and the guidelines for the renewal of MTNA Professional Certification will accompany the written notification.
  • If some part of the Teacher Profile is evaluated as insufficient, certification will be deferred until that Project is evaluated as sufficient.

Application Time Limit Policy

The MTNA Professional Certification process must be completed within one-year from the date the application and fees are received at MTNA headquarters. If the process is not completed within one year, the applicant may request, in writing, a single one-year time extension, after which an application extension fee will be assessed. (See Fee Schedule.)

Request An Extension