MTNA Professional Certification Renewal


Certification renewal is the most important and dynamic element in continued professional development, education and leadership.  Renewal candidates should be involved in professional activities related to music performance, teaching, educational development of students and promotion of music in the community.

Renewal of MTNA Professional Certification means the Nationally Certified Teacher of Music maintains Standards I, II and III of the original certification and continues to fulfill and validate Standards IV and V.

Standard IV: Professionalism and Partnerships

A. Contributing to the Profession

Competent music teachers contribute to the professional growth of their colleagues, their studios and schools, their professional associations and their profession at large.

B. Building Partnerships

Competent music teachers understand and appreciate the unique position that the family unit, colleagues and the community play in the musical education of students. They actively seek opportunities to build and nurture partnerships with them.

Standard V: Professional and Personal Renewal

A. Evaluating Professional Growth

Competent music teachers continually evaluate their personal teaching philosophy. They regularly assess their teaching and their professional growth to expand their knowledge and improve their teaching.

B. Continuing Education

Competent music teachers enhance their understanding of current pedagogical materials and methods, technology and business management through continuing education.