Promoting and Marketing the MTNA Professional

  • In EVERY state association newsletter, provide an updated report of new certifications, approved applications, approved renewals, new Permanent Professional and so forth in your state.
  • Announce all upcoming examination opportunities for candidates who are seeking certification. Include home state, neighboring states, division and national sites. Advise and promote use of the MTNA website for these listings.
  • At every state association conference, include a session on Certification. Set up a round table discussion, a Q/A dialogue, or use a game show format. Be creative!
  • Quote someone who supports certification and who has earned the respect of the teaching community. Does your state have anyone on the MTNA Board of Directors (or is an Immediate Past member)? Here are a few suggested sources for quotes: MTNA Board members, NCC, Division President, or well-known pedagogy teachers. Ask them to give a brief statement (35-40 words) about why they became certified, or what being NCTM means to them for inclusion in newsletter/journal articles.
  • Follow Montana’s example: in a state association newsletter, two recently certified teachers submitted their experiences. One had taken the proficiency examination route; the other had sent college transcripts. Both became NCTM, and considered it a positive experience.
  • Or, follow Idaho’s example: at a local association meeting (Treasure Valley) one teacher organized a program/presentation (for renewal points!) She described the renewal process and requirements; another teacher spoke about preparing to take the Pedagogy/Teacher Education Proficiency Examination, and a third teacher related her certification history as a Permanent Professional. Questions were welcomed.
  • Use your local associations as a support or mentoring groups. Some have organized classes and study groups so that teachers may help one another prepare and study for the examinations, and document the assistance given for renewal points.
  • Seek and encourage candidates to become NCTM. Encourage teachers to discuss and ask questions about the MTNA Professional Certification Program. It is not the “quagmire of confusion” it once seemed to be!
  • Encourage the use of the MTNA website for updated input and information on the Professional
    Certification Program, and for the Directory of NCTM. It is so rewarding to see that list grow. How many new names will be on it this year from your state?
  • Encourage, by example, attendance at state and national conferences. Go to the sessions on MTNA Professional Certification, and if possible, participate and volunteer to help at the MTNA Professional Certification information table.