Duties of the State Association Certification Chair

1. Be Knowledgeable

  • Be aware of procedures for procuring an application packet and making an application for MTNA Certification
  • Be able to explain application brochure and procedure
  • Review the renewal points folder and know of activities that will count for certification renewal points
  • Answer any questions regarding the MTNA Professional Certification Program or know where to refer them for an answer

2. Be a Communicator

  • Serve as liaison to local certification chairman--Provide them with ideas for promoting certification
  • Recruit candidates for MTNA Professional Certification
  • Write a regular article for your state's newsletter/magazine
  • Answer all inquiries about certification promptly and pleasantly
  • Encourage retention of NCTM through the MTNA Professional Certification Renewal program

3. Be Available

  • Recruit candidates for MTNA Professional Certification
  • Offer to provide a certification program for local associations

4. Be Visible

  • Provide a certification display for your state convention
  • Organize a question/answer or other certification information session at a state workshop or as part of the state convention
  • Secure mentors, when requested, for candidates applying for MTNA certification
  • Acknowledge the names of those newly certified in the state at state convention