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Toward a Deeper Definition of Integrity (Open Access)

Professionalism was the topic of my initial column in the August/September 2007 American Music Teacher. I intentionally chose professionalism as a debut topic because I believe it is an essential element of all successful studios. As I re-read that column recently, I was inspired to take a deeper look at integrity, an element of professionalism.

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Top 75+ Ways to Say No and the Value of Saying Yes

As teachers, we all know how hard it can be to say no. We often feel obligated to take on more than we can handle, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Thankfully, there are ways to politely decline without sacrificing our own needs. But don’t worry, we don’t have to narrow it down to just five. I may have gotten a little carried away as I came up with 75+ ways to say no, while also remembering there is value in saying yes.

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Resolving Conflict: Essential Customer Service Skills for Independent Studio Owners

Do you ever find yourself intimidated by confrontational conversations? Do discussions regarding policies, procedures and payment plans make you squirm, or do you find yourself externally cringing when aggressive parents raise their voices and attempt to manipulate and bend you to their will? You’re not alone. …

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Top Five List: MTNA Professional Development Resources

Have you checked out these MTNA professional development resources recently? A vast amount of experience and insight is right here at your fingertips. Peruse these pages and come away with new ideas, helpful tools and creative ways to change up your studio. …

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Towards a Higher Definition of Professionalism

"Excellence is not an act, but a habit."
This quote is posted on a studio door down the hallway from my office. When thinking about our profession and our studios, I find it useful to substitute the word professionalism for excellence. Professionalism is something we need to practice every day. …

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A Final Overview of Professionalism in the Music Studio

By conducting teacher surveys, doing research, giving presentations, networking with other music teachers and writing articles and books, the area of professionalism in the music studio has become one of special interest to me. … I offer a brief overview of what I consider to be the essential elements of a professional studio.…

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The Messages We Send

What message does the tone of our voice send? What impression does our appearance have on students and parents? Body language, voice inflection, speech habits, eye contact, facial expressions, posture and clothing all can impact the way we are perceived in the independent studio. …

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Shaping Perception: Taking Responsibility for Our Profession

Misconceptions about independent music teaching abound in our society. "It is not really a job," "That is parttime work," "Anyone who has had piano lessons as a kid can teach piano lessons," "People who teach in their homes cannot do anything better," "You cannot earn a living from teaching at home." …

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